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Beautiful Peruvian Lily Plants For Sale Online | Alstroemeria  Also called Peruvian lilies, Lily of the Incas, Parrot lilies and Princess lilies, our selection of compact hybrid Alstroemeria are petite plants with lush foliage that produce an abundance of colorful blooms from late spring to early autumn. A staple flower in almost all bouquets, Alstroemeria flowers have a stellar vase life of up to two weeks! These happy plants grow and bloom in partial sunny conditions and do well in flower beds, borders or containers. Native to the Andes region of South America, Peruvian lilies are nearly all long-lived perennials that enjoy a cooler yet temperate climate that is found in higher elevation sub-tropical regions. Our Alstroemeria start as tubers and flowers are either solitary blooms or are borne in umbels in many shades of orange, white, red, purple, yellow and green on compact plants. No matter the color, expect the blooms to be flecked, streaked and striped with darker hues and colors.   General Characteristics of Alstroemeria: Zones: 8-10; Annual everywhere else; Mulch or bring potted plants inside below 40F. Can be perennial to zone 7 with extra protection. Light: Partial Sun; Bright indirect or filtered light is best Water: Moderate Bloom Season: Late Spring - Early Fall   *Alstroemeria plants are pinched back for safe traveling. New growth will emerge from the tuberous roots in a few weeks time.* Read our Alstroemeria blog post about why we pinch back growth prior to shipping! Alstroemeria Blog Post  

Why We Love Alstroemeria (Princess Lilies)

  • They offer a variety of colors and patterns in blooms.
  • Princess Lilies are long-lasting and ideal for floral arrangements.
  • The flowers symbolize friendship and devotion, perfect for gifting.

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