Amaryllis Flowering Timelines

Amaryllis Flowering Timelines

Exactly When Will My Amaryllis Flower?

Our estimates for blooming times are just that, best estimates. They are based on our own growing trials, feedback from our network of specialty growers and conventional wisdom for individual varieties. Growing conditions - light, temperature, moisture, wind, etc. - impact results as do slight variations in growing stock from year to year. We'd love to be able to guarantee exact blooming times but sadly, Mother Nature won't support that endeavor. And she gets the final say.

That said, there are some plants that flower on a surprisingly consistent schedule when provided uniform growing conditions. Tulips, for instance. That's partly why you often see these for sale in bloom, as growers can target key holidays and expect the plants to cooperate. Of course, if room temperatures or the amount of light provided changes, so will the flowering timing. While clearly there are no guarantees, these are the varieties we often see blooming the fastest:




Holiday Cheer Mix

Amaryllis bulbs on the other hand exhibit a wide range of blooming times. These vary by variety, growing conditions and whim. Yes, whim. Over and over we see two identical amaryllis bulbs, grown in virtually the same conditions, bloom days or even weeks apart. Think of it as "personality" and an opportunity to extend the period of enjoyment for your flowers.

When dealing with plants flexibility is helpful. Enjoy the blossoms when they appear and set aside goals of getting a particular bulb to be in perfect bloom on the fourth Saturday of next month.

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  • Artur Bobinski
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    I have just had a beautiful Amaryrllis which first had 4 blooms on,then a baby shoot came up and had another 4 blooms, 8 altogether.I will follow your instruction to see if I can get it to bloom end year.

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