Amaryllis Post Care Instructions

Amaryllis Post Care Instructions
Simple Guide to Re-blooming Your Amaryllis Bulbs

You should enjoy many seasons of beautiful blooms from your amaryllis bulbs – one of the perks of investing in great quality bulbs! If you want to try to get future blooms to occur on your time table, we have all the instructions laid out below. However – if you will be content to enjoy these blooms whenever they develop – the steps are far easier – on you and your amaryllis bulbs!

Let your amaryllis bulb be your guide. As long as it has green, growing foliage, continue to provide light, water, and periodic feeding of plant food – those big blooms take a lot of energy! You might want to take your amaryllis outdoors for some sunshine spring through fall – just be sure to bring it in before your first frost. If your amaryllis goes dormant (they don’t always, and this is no concern at all) simply withhold water and let the soil dry. When you see new growth emerge, resume watering. See? Super simple – and so sweet when new blooms form. Enjoy!


Some helpful information and tips on how to care for your Amaryllis once they have bloomed

After amaryllis bulbs have bloomed, sometimes the inclination is to toss them out. If you'd like to have them bloom next fall or winter, it's not hard and below are directions to help you do just that.


When the spectacular blossoms have faded from your amaryllis, snip off the flower stems about 1/2" from the bulb. Don't cut off the leaves. (Put a hand under the cut stems as you carry them to the trash because they contain a surprising amount of juice and they'll drip on floors otherwise.) If the bulbs are big, most will develop second, or even third, flower stalks. Just snip the blossom stalks off as the blooms go by and savor all the flowers your bulbs produce.

After the last bloom stalk has been clipped off your amaryllis will still be attractive, with strappy, dark green leaves. Place your plants in sunny windows so these leaves can gather light, photosynthesize and provide nourishment to the bulbs. Keep watering your plants so the soil says lightly moist, but never soggy.

As late spring and early summer warmth encourages the plants outdoors to leaf out, think about where your amaryllis can spend the summer. Choose a sunny location and take them out for a summer vacation when night temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. You can leave the bulbs in their pots, if the containers have drainage holes, and nestle them somewhere in the middle to back of the garden where they can blend in. If there are no drainage holes, the pots will fill with water when it rains and the bulbs will rot. To avoid this, simply remove the amaryllis and replant them at the same depth (shoulders exposed) in your garden. Give them a little fertilizer when you provide the same for the rest of the garden; this will help strengthen the bulbs for future flowering.

In early to mid autumn, before the first frost, bring your amaryllis back inside, cut off all the foliage about 1"-2" from the top of the bulbs, and place the bulbs in a dry, dark place. Basements are good choices, and even the back of a closet will work. You are trying to force your bulbs to take a rest, to slip into a few weeks of dormancy before starting a new flowering cycle. During this period, withhold all water.

Let your amaryllis sleep for ten to twelve weeks. Then, start the growing cycle over just as you did when your first planted the bulbs. Replace the soil with fresh mix, remove any dead leaves and old, peeling bulb sheaths (these look like the dried, outer skins on an onion) and replant, again with the bulb shoulders exposed. Place your bulbs in bright light and give them one good drink of water. The combination of light and water will "e;wake up"e; the plants and encourage them to start growing again. When the first little leaves appear, and not before, begin watering regularly. (If you give a steady supply if water to a bulb with no foliage, the bulb will rot.)

With good care most amaryllis bulbs will bloom seasonally for years. Some cultivars even develop offspring bulbs along side the mother bulbs and these youngsters eventually grow large enough to bloom, too.

Depend on amaryllis for beautiful fall and holiday flowers, winter through spring houseplants and summer garden enhancers. So don't toss those old amaryllis bulbs.

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Comments 46
  • Doreen Beaton,  Ontario Canada, across river from Detroit.
    Doreen Beaton, Ontario Canada, across river from Detroit.

    I have a beautiful plant from last Christmas. Since I have had no luck using the usual drying out period, this has been in the garden all summer. Since weather has been warmer than usual, I brought it inside in late Oct. The original leaves had died, and there are 4 new healthy ones growing quickly. A local greenery advised keeping it near a bright window & start fertilizing if flower stem appears. What fertilizer should i use? Iit had 7 gorgeous red flowers last Christmas, & I really hope it will bloom again, even if earlier than usual. Thanks for your advice. Doreen Beaton

  • Ivy

    Some of you seem a little concerned about having no leaves and only a flower stalk. That is completely normal. Most (if not all) grow the flowers first then after the flowers are done the bulb grows its summer leaves.

  • Catarry

    Hey, Fran….according to the directions above, let those leaves grow and get plenty of sun until September or so. Then cut them back to 2" tall. Now you want to put them in a dark place for 10 to 12 weeks. I often just turn the pot on its side and leave them totally alone….no water, no light.
    Now, repot them in good, fresh soil. Bring the soil up to about 1 1/2" below the top of the bulb.
    Water them liberally one time and put them in a bright window. Leave them alone again…no water…until the leaves start growing again. Then start watering them as usual….remember to water once when they come out of the closet or cellar, and when the leaves start to show themselves, water as with any house plant.
    Good luck with these lovely old bulbs….hope you’ll have a good bloom next winter!

  • Karen

    Last 2 years beautiful bright orange flowers. This year, just long green stems, no flowers. Kept in basement all winter and did start to water and light when green stems began. Should I try another pot? Can bulbs outgrow pot, need new soil? Thank you.

  • Catherine Nocilla
    Catherine Nocilla

    I have just started ,to see my first amaryllis flowers from seeds ,I am so proud of my work

  • Catherine Nocilla
    Catherine Nocilla

    I have just started ,to see my first amaryllis flowers from seeds ,I am so proud of my work

  • JUlie

    Any tips for planting outdoors in Florida zone 9?

  • Fran

    I have several bulbs in each of 5 pots. The original bulbs were my grandmother’s, so they must be well over 100 years old (I am 82+). I have separated the bulbs twice. Presently, they are producing long green leaves—no blooms. They usually bloom at Christmas time. Should I cut the leaves back to the top of the bulbs. The blossoms are a lovely salmon color.

  • Pat

    My amaryllis has just had flower stem – no leaves – is this normal? 4 beautiful flowers just dying off.

  • cheryl

    I also managed to regrow a good amount of plantlets out of amaryllis seeds. I just let the flower dry out, then placed a few seeds in fresh compost. They now have 30cm long leaves and last week I placed some in the garden(not compost) and they seem to be doing perfectly well. I never pull out the bulbs ‘to rest’ and since they are outside, the leaves dry out in the colder weeks, but never have they rot. May be due to the warm climate we have here in Malta.

  • Marikay Schwaller
    Marikay Schwaller

    My amaryllis has finished blooming. The leaves are flopping over. Can they be trimmed back, and if so, how far? I know the bulb gets its nutrition from the leaves, but with the leaves flopping, I’m not sure what to do. Thanks.

  • bobbi

    My bulb has two smaller bulbs growing, one on each side. Do I take them off and replant? How long will it take for them to get big enough to bloom? Do I cut them down and let them sleep?

  • Gaile Disnard
    Gaile Disnard

    Thankyou, so when babies come what do i do next to grow them

  • Lynn

    I received one as a gift. It was in a large glass bowl and stood on a moss. What should I do, leave it on the moss ?

  • sue

    thank you for your help my plant still has one bloom on it it’s beautiful red flower I will take your advice once again thank you

  • suzanne  stormont fraser
    suzanne stormont fraser

    I received an amaryllis “kit” as a post Christmas gift from a friend who had bought it to support some Syrean families who had recently arrived in Toronto.I followed the instructions and have thoroughly enjoyed 8 magnificant ruby red blooms for over2 months now! All my nearby friends have loved visiting this beautiful indoor plant ,when we see only 4 feet of snow outside….. it has cheered us all ! Thank you Bill for helping our refugees and brightening our lives !

  • Debra

    Very informative thank you for this information.will start asap!

  • Shaz

    My amaryllis was in beautiful bloom and had died back in left it as was not sure what to do with it and it produced two bulb like heads which have seeds in I think can I repot them and grow on some more.

  • Beatrice

    I have never had one until this year. Now I really wonder why I never did get one before. They are beautiful. Your tips for getting them to bloom again are very helpful. Thank you. By the way just disgarding things because they are “cheap” is so symptomatic of the throwaway society. There is pleasure to be had in the renewal of something one has nurtured. They are also living things….

  • Mrs J L Jones
    Mrs J L Jones

    Thank you for the information, got two for Xmas I look forward to see them blowm again this Xmas!!

  • Mrs J L Jones
    Mrs J L Jones

    Thank you for the information, got two for Xmas I look forward to see them blowm again this Xmas!!

  • lesley Evans
    lesley Evans

    i’ve had 2 lovely flower stocks. First flower had only 3 trumpets .when that died ,the 2nd stock grew and now have 5 trumpets ,but no leaves
    is that normal .

  • Julie Sheldon
    Julie Sheldon

    I was given my amaryllis for Christmas by a lady I cared for but unfortunately she passed away just before Christmas. Her son said she had brought it for me. So it means that my amaryllis can live on in her memory. Many thanks for letting me look after my wonderful flower xx

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Why bother to keep them unless you have a large garden. They are very cheap to buy and they will then be reliably consistent. 8 long flowering flowers for £3 – £4. You can make better use of your time rather than trying to save them.

  • Lori

    What are the little bulb like that was at the end of the foliage Thank you

  • Sister Teresa Kreiser
    Sister Teresa Kreiser

    I received a kit of the Amaryllis. bulb from my grandniece for Christmas. I planted it and in no time it gave me great joy with 4 beautiful big blood red blossoms. Not only did I enjoy it but anyone who came into the house did as well. I am very Grateful to Kim Buscis for thinking of me at Christmas and gifting me with that Gorgeous plant.

  • Norma

    This is great information. Know I know what to do to keep my bulb and see it bloom again. Thank you!!!!!

  • verena

    first time I dared! it worked wonderfully. thank and hug you. I am happy. verena

  • verena

    first time I dared! it worked wonderfully. thank and hug you. I am happy. verena

  • Faith

    I am leaving my spent flowers on the plant as the seed pods are maturing.
    Years ago I did this and was able to start some new bulbs from the seeds. It was very rewarding so am trying to do it again.

  • Lu Schmidt
    Lu Schmidt

    I’ve been following this process for years with great success. I do wonder if there is a way to make mine bloom earlier or later, or does it just depend on the variety. Mine always wants to bloom when I go on vacation.

  • Beverly

    I look forward to seeing beautiful blossoms next year

  • Ruhie Baribeau
    Ruhie Baribeau

    I had two stalks with 8 large flowers and I will follow your instruction and cut them back to a 1/2 inch from the bulb. There is a third stalk starting but there were never any leaves. Is it normal not to have leaves? I have another bulb that only got leaves..

  • JOYCE Grant
    JOYCE Grant

    Thanks for the good information on how to take care of the Armaryllis after the blooms have died.

  • Mary

    Great information! I’m on my second year with my bulbs, but forgot them in the garage until two weeks ago. They’re each growing just one leaf right now, but I have high hopes! :-)

  • Patty

    Thank you so much for that information. I just love these flowers!!!

  • Maria Gaal
    Maria Gaal

    Thanks for the info learned everything I needed to know for successful harvesting

  • Mrs. C
    Mrs. C

    I would like to see a step by step youtube video to share with my students and teachers.

  • Bessie Barcelon
    Bessie Barcelon

    I love this flower. It is my favorite flower that I just discovered this season. I will follow your instruction and hope enjoy many years of bloom.

  • Pat Allison
    Pat Allison

    Excellent simple instructions and advice just what I wanted.

  • Tracey Merry
    Tracey Merry

    Very good help with my Xmas Present. I did not know what to do. Thanks for the help.

  • BRenda Cadwallader
    BRenda Cadwallader

    I will follow these instructions as I have had a magnificent amaryllis display for the past eight weeks. Would like to replicate it for next Christmas.

  • Barbara

    Success. May last bulb is just starting to grow again after following this helpful information.

  • David

    Very helpful and looking forward to more beautiful blooms next season :-)

  • Kathy allen
    Kathy allen

    Great information.

  • Michael Dolloff
    Michael Dolloff

    Thanks for your assistance in what to do for my amaryllis plants, I did need help!!

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