Look What's Blooming in Spring! - All New Bulbs & Perennials for Fall Planting 2017!

Look What's Blooming in Spring! - All New Bulbs & Perennials for Fall Planting 2017!
New Flower Bulbs & Perennials for Fall 2017

We have over 60 new bulbs, perennials, mixes and collections for your consideration this fall. Which will make their way into your spring garden? Let's find out!


 fragrant red peony Sword Dance is new for fall 2017

shell pink peony Myrtle Gentry has a fragrance like a hybrid tea rose - new fall 2017 This fall, we are delighted to introduce  four luscious new peonies! Like the  dramatic peony Sword Dance above,  Moon of Nippon is a semi-double  flower form known as a Japanese style  peony with enormous "guard" petals  framing a fluffy golden yellow center  for an elegant departure from more  familiar peony forms. The flowers are  exceptionally large, but without a  zillion petals to catch and hold rain fall,  the stems are more than sturdy  enough to support the many blooms  without staking!  Myrtle Gentry is a  more familiar form for peonies - and  this may well be the most fragrant peony of all - just like a tea rose! With lovely fragrance and glorious color, these peonies will be outstanding in your garden for 75+ years! Hardy zones 3-8.

Reblooming Bearded Iris

peachy pink reblooming bearded iris October Splendor is fragrant and new for fall 2017

reblooming bearded iris Gypsy Lord is bright white above royal purple - new fall 2017This fall has seen an abundance of new varieties of reblooming bearded iris - many of them with a sweet and intoxicating fragrance!  Like the exquisite October Splendor pictured above, these nine new irises produce glorious coloring including peachy pinks, sunny yellow, luxurious violet, mahogany, rich red, fetching bicolors and deepest, darkest purple that appears nearly black! Like the rest of our reblooming bearded iris, the new introductions bloom both spring and fall, and often in between! Highly resistant to deer and rabbits, drought tolerant, easy to grow and quite attractive to butterflies! Hardy zones 3-10.


bright magenta blooms of Allium Purple Sensation Aflatunense - new for fall 2017 

pink, yellow and white Allium Pulchellum and Allium Flavum Mix new for fall 2017 I dearly love the many flower forms  and whimsical forms of allium. This  fall, we have introduced 2 new  individual varieties like the striking and  extremely versatile Aflatunense Purple  Sensation above. We also have 3 new  mixes to fill your garden and patio with  sizzling color combinations and jazzy  flower forms this summer.  To the left,  you see our new mix of allium  pulchellum and flavum. The blooms  are just extraordinary, looking like  sparkling  fireworks! I hope to offer  these  varieties individually in the  future - if  customers like this mix  enough, we  will!  

All allium are very attractive to butterflies, and highly resistant to deer and butterflies. There are gorgeous varieties of allium hardy in every climate zones 3-11.



red and white striped tulip Pinocchio blooms with blue anemone blanda new for fall 2017

rich purple tulip Negrita is new for fall 2017We have 3 new tulips this season, and though all are lovely, it is the dynamic Pinocchio though all are lovely, it is the dynamic Pinocchio (shown here with anemone blanda blue for a striking patriotic display) that really has captured my fancy. This charming little species tulip produces jazzy red and white flowers that last longer than classic tulips, and they repeat bloom from one spring to the next with much greater staying power.  Framed by foliage that is heavily spotted and spattered with mahogany.  Perfect for spring garden, filling window sills, rock gardens and patio containers, tulip Pinocchio packs quite a visual punch in a petite package! Hardy zones 3-9. 





white blooming astilbe Deutschland new this fall 2017

purple pink astilbe Maggie Daley - new fall 2017

 Astilbe are such strong performers in  the shady garden, that they are  often slighted as simply "garden  staples".  While this widespread  recognition of their easy care nature  and impressive reliability is great, what  a shame to overlook their intriguing  beauty simply because it is so  dependable! With fluffy, feathery  plumes that hold their color and form  well even when dried on the plant or in  a vase, astilbe often appear to bloom  for 5-6 months a year! Go ahead and  let those dried blooms remain on the  plant to enliven your shady garden.

 Highly attractive to butterflies, the delicate blooms are held well above lacy foliage for an airy look. The snowy white blooms of astilbe Deutschland is a gorgeous foil for the lilac blooms of Maggie Daley. Hardy zones 4-9


Succulent medley mixes new for fall 2017

succulent gift in classic white ceramic vaseSucculents have taken the world by storm! A dizzying array of vibrant colors, fascinating forms and extraordinary textures are matched by the versatility with which they can be used in the home or garden. This vast collection of plants has evolved in hot, dry climates to store water in special structures in their leaves, stems and roots. This adaptation of storing water for later use enables succulent plants to thrive even when water is scarce.


Colorful succulents are the stars of so many fun and fabulous DIY projects, we have put together succulent mixes to help you play! Offered in sets of 4, 12 and 20 and in the 2-inch and the 4-inch pot size, these are the raw materials for your next decorating success! Hardy zones 9-11, but happy wintering indoors in colder climates

Succulent Celfie Vases

Succulents in caramel and dark brown ceramic selfie face vase gifts

succulents in celfie face vase

 Speaking of succulents - one of my  favorite conversations! - we are  delighted to add these new additions  to our popular series of succulents in  the fetching ceramic celfie face vases -  now in ebony and caramel!  Simply  slide a  succulent into the vase, and it  takes on so much character and  whimsy with these stylish pots. True  horte couture! Enjoy yours with the succulent it comes with, or change it out with other succulents you have, or change it up with miniature roses or variegated ivy. Much more fun than we used to have playing Barbies! :) These succulent selfie vases make a charming gift for just about anyone - and our gift to you? They come with free shipping!

Tillandsia Air Plants

 Tillandsia air Plant mix for home decor and crafts

Don't you just love tillandsia? We do too! The extraordinary diversity of shape, texture and size is amazing, and when they bloom, the colors are incredible! And what fun to have plants that don't need to be planted. The ways to display your tillandsia air plants are limited only by your imagination! Whether you mean to display them in a terrarium, a plaque or hanging with or without a vase - tillandsia make an incredible statement!

We now have mixed tillandsia air plant collections available for you in packs of 5 plants and10. Enjoy! Hardy zones 10-11, air plants happily winter indoors, or stay their year round!

Bulb Collections and Mixes

anemone blanda blue blooming with white muscari grape hyacinth new fall 2017

Fall 2017 sees the introduction of more of the mixes, collections and cross category combos that you have been asking for. So often, the full charm of a particular variety is most fully demonstrated in contrast and compliment with another that is quite different. Together, these little white muscari play off the daisy-like blooms of the anemone blanda blue for an even more appealing splash of color than either forms on its own. Synergy! Our cross category collections vary in their hardiness, but the listed zones are for the collection.

double form tulip mix new for fall 2017

How is that for a "brief" introduction to our new flowering bulbs, perennials and collections for fall 20217? I feel like I have barely scratched the surface! Click here to see all of our 60+ new items for fall planting. I would love to learn what your favorites are, if you would leave a comment?  :)  Ensure yourbeautiful spring garden with fall planting!

Happy gardening!


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