Datebox Club Review & Unboxing with Easy to Grow Bulbs!

Datebox Club Review & Unboxing with Easy to Grow Bulbs!

Easy to Grow Bulbs teamed up with Datebox Club to provide some of the products for one of their date night kits. The first I learned of this was when a co-worker sent it to me to give it a try and do an unboxing and review. In all honesty – I didn’t want to. I was having a bad week, and the last thing I wanted to do was to try to fit in a date night! I am so glad I did! :)

Datebox Club logo

First I had to learn about Datebox Club, so I went to their website. 

Based on the premise that a regular couples date night is essential to building and maintaining a healthy, connected relationship, Datebox Club has an interesting approach. They have developed a subscription service to provide a complete plan for the date, along with fun activities to do together for the date. The plan and box contents change completely from month to month.

From their website description:

Our “secret sauce” isn’t the individual items in the box, but the connection part of the date. This can range from a game to an activity or a DIY. Our instruction card walks you through the entire date, and every element is tied in. We won’t send a bunch of random items, and expect you to pull them into a meaningful date. Plus, we change it up every month – just to keep you surprised! It’s all designed to maximize your time together, and bring you closer together. 

The subscription is $35/ month, plus $1.99 shipping. That’s it. And based upon this datebox, absolutely everything needed to complete the planned activities, except for fresh groceries, was included. No excuses not to enjoy the full plan.

I’ll tell you something that really impressed me as I did my research. Their rave reviews from customers – sure, you would expect that, right? But would you expect to see so many glowing reviews written by men? I was impressed to see how many men truly appreciated both the experience of the date night, and the planning to make it possible.

So let me show you what they are so excited about::

the Datebox club box arrived!

 My co-worker sent me the Datenight Club box - I'm always excited to get gifts!  :)

unboxing Dateclub box

Fun for the whole family?

unboxing Datenight club box

 The presentation right out of the box is very nice, exceptionally clean and well organized.

unboxing datenight club box with lots of fun ingredients

 Still more to come!

unboxing  datenight club box filled with ingredients for date night

I am impressed with the quality of the materials included, and the packing, packaging and presentation was absolutely meticulous! I would imagine the most fastidious of people with white carpets would be pleased with how everything arrived safe and sound, so there was zero mess when opening soil, bulbs and the rest of the date. Clearly a great deal of thought went into the design and the execution.

Do you ever face the conundrum of whether to give a gifty thing, or to give an experience? This Datebox contained both! And a fun and flavorful beverage to make and enjoy together as well as conversation stimulating cards with questions. Let me tell you how it went...

I am much more of a DIY dreamer, admiring all of those pretty, pretty things on Pinterest, rather than a DIY doer. Like the rest of the known universe, I was well aware of the gorgeous marbling technique using brightly colored nail polish, decorating everything imaginable. But somehow, much as I yearned for the lovely results – I never “got around to it”. Till now. The Datebox plan was us to marble mason jars into custom decorated planters for oxalis triangularis, the purple shamrocks.

The clever / thoughtful design of the Datebox meant that every possible objection was taken care of. Not only were the nail polish (2 complimentary colors), the glass mason jars (so uber trendy and cool) and the instructions – complete with photos – included, but so was a basin for the dipping (no worries about ruining one of your bowls) and even 2 toothpicks – used to create swirls in the layered polish colors. I was so impressed!  I was thinking about people I know in different living circumstances being able to do this, and my aunt and her husband in a nursing home, good friends in a tiny, high tech apartment and in-laws in farm country – all would be equally equipped to do this activity with the supplied “ingredients”.

Datebox club 2 marbled mason jars with oxalis triangularis bulbs

As you can see, our marbling technique can use some work - but what a fun and easy way to try it. And now, I will have to practice enough to get really good - so cool!

Everything is so well planned, from the creative activity, to the new and refreshing drinks and the clever conversation starting cards, it is easy to agree beforehand to do the activities that come with each Datebox, thereby completely skipping the whole what-if-he-thinks-my-idea-is-too-weird self-doubts, and making it so much easier to just surrender to the experience. After all, if my nail polish marbled mason jars came out looking too weird – it wasn’t my fault! Instead, it was a fun project to do together. No need to feel like we accomplished a perfect result - we just enjoyed the doing and being together. :)

After marbling the mason jars, we set them aside to air dry for maybe 15 minutes. Datebox Club included everything needed to plant them, including well packaged potting soil, one pack for each jar. I laid down a paper towel on the counter, opened them, and added the soil. We planted our three oxalis triangularis bulbs each in our marbled mason jar planters, added about ¼ cup of water and we have 2 new plants to enjoy. There was a nice description, explaining that the triangularis is often called the “love plant” for its fetching foliage. After gathering up the paper towel – no mess!

Datebox club included zipzicles bags , instructions and recipes

So we had the ingredients to make our own gifts for one another, along with directions and recipes for making a fun and refreshing beverage pop – these icy popsicle Zipzicles. They remind me of otter pops, but they are entirely customizable, and they included a couple simple – and tasty! – recipes, one for a cocktail with vodka and tequila, and one made entirely of fruit and juices. We opted for the second. We put the strawberries (we used frozen, as the Datebox was sent out weeks ago, and fresh strawberries are no longer in season when I got mine from work) lemonade and orange juice into the blender, then filled each funky little zip lock type baggie pouches – long and narrow, to make the perfect sized slushy popsicle for each of us. We nearly forgot about the pops, and left them in the freezer about an hour longer than recommended – but they were perfect! I am going to try their Lava Flow Popsicle recipe next, with rum, strawberries, pineapple and coconut!

Datebox Club Magic Gro relationship Growth Food cards

While the zipzicles were freezing, we got out the conversation stimulating cards. Any gardener will recognize the iconic coloring and style of the Magic-Gro Relationship Growth Food. It really made me smile that the same company we have all used to promote the health and vitality of our plants would be sponsoring doing the same for our relationship!  The Datebox came with 50 question cards for a free form conversation starter. 

The questions were fun, and fully appropriate for any age or stage of “couplehood”. Some were funny, some were playful, many were interesting, and the only one that could be considered remotely racy was this: “If you could see one person from history fully naked, who would it be?” Some of my favorites were:

  • If you could become a super hero, what would your two powers be?
  • If you could be magically skilled at something you’ve never tried or done, what would it be?
  • If you could phone swap with any celebrity, who would you pick?

With 50 cards to choose from, it was easy to find questions that both suited us, but also resulted in some really interesting answers.

For different reasons, we both started out really skeptical of this whole concept - and we both really enjoyed the experience!  This morning, he asked me when our next date was coming! :)

From the Datebox Club website, this is an excellent summary of our experience:

Couples today are busier than ever, and spending less quality time together. DateBox Club brings a high quality, creative date night to your door. No kidding, you open the box – and voila! All you need are 2 people that are looking forward to spending some fun, quality time together.

Even if you are not interested in the subscription, you should check out their blog of fun and free date night ideas.

We really enjoyed the Datebox date! How do you and yours stay connected?  I'd love to know what works for you - please let me know in the comment section.

Have a terrific weekend!


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