Best Gifts for Mother's Day 2017

Best Gifts for Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14, 2017.

Her laugh has been the sound track of your life. That light in her eyes that is for you alone. Success is sweeter, and loss less bitter, because you share it with her. She is your mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, grandma, friend - she is always there to support you every step of your way, then bows out of the spotlight to lead your cheers. 

This Mother's Day, give her a gift of living beauty. Find a style to compliment her own. Most of all - hold her close, and tell her how very much she means to you.

Mother's Day 2017 gift guide to blooming, living gifts

Remember when the perfect gift for Mom was easy? The glazed hand print in plaster was a classic, and was hung in a place of honor. The be-noodled, gold painted macaroni treasure box for her best jewelry - something every mother surely treasures.

Things are different now, but it doesn't have to be hard. Think of your Mom's personal style. Does she appreciate rustic charm, or is she more modern and chic? Is she enjoying the surge of industrial design, or is she more taken with whimsy? If timeless classic is her personal style, find a gift to match!

At Easy to Grow Bulbs, we strive to provide a diverse array of gifts to help you find just the right one for every occasion!  Take a look at our gift guide for this Mother's Day and find your inspiration!:

Blooming Gifts for Mother's Day
Pink Amaryllis in white ceramic pot perfect for Mother's Day

Amaryllis aren't just for Christmas!  :) Amaryllis will produce enormous, glorious blooms indoors or out - what a perfect way to celebrate your Mom's special day!

Amaryllis Vera is a lovely and saturated pink with huge blooms that last for weeks!

We plant the extra large amaryllis Vera in a sleek, white ceramic vase, and top dress it with natural moss for a finished look. This is a perfect gift for the person who loves classic elegance. So very chic!

Now through Mother's Day, this lovely amaryllis Vera gift is 20% off! Just $34.36 with FREE Shipping!  Be sure to include a gift message so we can tuck it into the box with your gift. Not to worry - we won't enclose any pricing. :)

Your Mom will enjoy watching the slow motion magic show that is a growing amaryllis. With little care, your gift will grow and bloom year after year!

Amaryllis Minerva pre-planted in reclaimed wood square branded Joy


Amaryllis Minerva is a snappy bloom with rich red flowers accented by a snowy star with a kiwi green throat. Beautiful! 

This is a perfect gift for the Mom who enjoys rustic and country charm. Your amaryllis Minerva is planted in a hand built planter of reclaimed wood, branded with a simple Joy.

Expect weeks of blooms, easy care and lasting pleasure! Now through Mother's Day, this pre-planted amaryllis gift is 20% off, just $34.95 with FREE Shipping! 

With simple care, these blooms will delight not just this spring, but for years to come!



Succulents for Mother's Day 
Succulents in reclaimed wood planters for Mother's Day

Succulent plants are all the rage, and have been for years - for good reason! Large, colorful rosettes and intriguing textures combine with a nearly carefree disposition for long-lasting appeal indoors or out! Here, we have paired a hand built planter of reclaimed cedar fence wood with three handsome succulents chosen with care for a pleasing combination. The naturally weather wood grows in beauty and character with the passing of time, branded with love or mom - you know she'll love it!

Specially bred to be long-lasting and lovely, your succulents will thrive in bright light or shade. They should winter indoors in all but the most mild of climates. 

On sale now through Mother's Day, these Succulent Trios are 20% off, and come with FREE Shipping!

Succulent Z-stand pre-planted gift for Mother's Day

Brighten the view from your Mom's window or office desk with this sleek, industrial chic succulent stand. Weathered terracotta clay pots, 2 inches wide, nestle perfectly in this recycled galvanized metal stand. Planted with diverse, colorful succulents, finished with pea-gravel in the catch basin below, this is a low maintenance, high reward addition to your Mom's decor, and has recently been seen in high end lifestyle magazines.

An architectural statement with the industrial flair so popular right now, and a modern vibe. Your Mom's Succulent Z-Stand is on sale for $39.95 including FREE Shipping!

Reclaimed Wood for Mother's Day

Shamrocks bloom in reclaimed wood for Mother's DayIf your Mom appreciates the rustic beauty of aged fence wood, she will enjoy this hand built planter of reclaimed wood filled with fresh shamrocks.  Growing in beauty as it ages, the planter’s edges are softened by the foliage of the emerging plants.

Built right here in southern California, each planter varies in tone as the grains of the wood from which it was built. We then fill it with custom soil and fresh shamrock bulbs (oxalis Regnellii) for months, years - and yes decades - to come!

Now through Mother's Day, this gift of growing, blooming lucky shamrocks is 20% off, and the discounted $29.95 includes FREE Shipping!

Reclaimed wood plaque for air plant, branded love for mother's Day

If your Mom loves the rustic charm of reclaimed wood, you might want to consider this handsome wall plaque, featuring a blooming tillandsia ionatha rubra - an air plant plaque.

Living decor that is super low maintenance for the busy Mom on the go - hang on a wall, perch on a book case, or side table.

Though prized for their general structure, air plants do bloom, and frequently change coloring throughout the year in response biological cues. A perfect way to share and enjoy plants indoors or at work or any place you want to bring the outdoors in, without fuss or muss.

Your hand-built, reclaimed wood plaque with the tillandsia, branded love  is on sale now through Mother's Day for $35.95, with FREE Shipping!

Succulent selfie pot vases for Mother's Day

If the Mom you are celebrating has a more whimsical, playful take on decor and style, you might want to try one of these glam gals - an uber chic, succulent celfie vase! Change the celfie's personality and style with ease, as your Mom replaces the succulent with miniature roses, fern or ivy or - her imagination is the limit!

Your sensational succulent celfie comes complete with her fabulous succulent hat and FREE Shipping! The small celfie vase with the aeonium Kiwi is on sale now through Mother's Day for just $21.95.

ecard for Mother's Day living gifts

If your Mom loves plants and all things gardening, but you aren't sure which gifts she'd love most, try an Easy to Grow Bulbs e-card. 

Our e-cards are available at five different price points. Our electronic gift cards have no additional processing fees, no expiration date and no limitations! How fun is that?

Best of all, our e-cards are suited to every climate, are always the right color and just the perfect fit!


If your Mom truly wants a box of candy, or if red roses genuinely make her heart sing - go for it! But likely, your Mom will really enjoy a gift that is more tailored to her particular personality and style. You gift should show that you know her as well as love her!  :)

I would love to hear what you think - and if you are a mom - please let me know what your very favorite Mother's Day gift is?

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