5 Exciting New Reblooming Bearded Iris for Fall 2017!

5 Exciting New Reblooming Bearded Iris for Fall 2017!
New Reblooming Bearded Iris Fall 2017

It's always exciting to see the new products we will be offering each season, but the new varieties of reblooming bearded iris for fall 2017 are truly exceptional! Luscious colors, fabulous fragrance and incredible performance! We will soon post inventory for all of our bearded iris - I just couldn't wait to share some of these new beauties with you!

Reblooming Bearded Iris October Splendor

peach reblooming bearded iris October Splendor

The delicate peachy pink blooms of reblooming bearded iris October Splendor are generously produced on a plant with impressive vigor. Don't be fooled by the gentle coloring and sweet fragrance - this beauty has an iron constitution! Thriving with little care where winters are below -20 and summers get to triple digits, October Splendor will add grace and beauty to your garden spring and fall for many years to come! :)

Reblooming Bearded Iris Superstition 

dark purple reblooming bearded iris superstition

Reblooming bearded iris Superstition is such an incredibly deep, dark purple, it appears nearly black! The beguiling blooms are beautifully ruffled and produced in masses atop tall, straight stems of 32-36". What is it with "black" flowers that they stop us in our tracks? Superstition is a big improvement on other dark purple blooms whose color fades in the full sun the iris need for best blooming. Superstition holds his remarkable coloring in the brightest sun, and reliable repeats it blooming spring and fall, with summer blooms, too!

reblooming bearded iris dark purple superstition and peach October Splendor

I love the color play of combining the dramatically dark blooms of Superstition with the delicate peachy blooms of October Splendor! High drama for the garden!

Reblooming Bearded Iris Florentine Silk 

bicolor reblooming bearded iris florentine silk

Billowy blooms of warm peach "standards" over amethyst "falls" flounce and swirl like a cluster of petticoats and ball gowns with the glorious reblooming bearded iris Florentine Silk. This luscious color combination and ruffly blooms may give the impression of a real glamour girl, but Florentine Silk has a tough constitution and exceptional flower production. This beauty shrugs of high heat as well as deep snow, and always looks fresh and lovely.  I am so looking forward to planting my new Florentine Silk with reblooming bearded iris Pink Attraction - a soft pink bloom that coordinates with Florentine Silk's standards, and His Royal Highness a purple bearded iris whose blooms are nearly the identical shade as Silk's falls. Gorgeous!

Reblooming Bearded Iris Gypsy Lord

reblooming bearded iris gypsy lord

Gardeners are tough. We don't want just surpassing beauty - we want plants that are reliably heavy blooming with an ability to thrive in drought and storm, blazing heat and bitter cold. The American Iris Society looks for all of these traits as well as sunfast clarity of color, perfection of form and that indefinable specialness that makes some varieties stand out from all the rest. Every year, they award their highest honor to one, single iris - the Dykes medal. Meet the 2015 Dykes Medal winner - reblooming bearded iris Gypsy Lord! Crystal clear white standards above marbled blue falls with a bright, orangey red beard makes this colorful fellow a stand out among his fellow medal winners. A generous abundance of blooms both spring and fall, with additional bloomings between ensure Gypsy Lord's pride of place in your garden.

Reblooming Bearded Iris War Chief 

red reblooming bearded iris war chief

Very few bearded iris are rebloomers. Very few are red. Of all the red bearded iris, very, very few are colorfast, so their red color doesn't fade in direct sun. So to find a truly colorfast, red reblooming bearded iris is much like finding a field of 4-leaf clovers. Today is your lucky day - meet the colorfast red reblooming bearded iris War Chief!  Perfect, vibrant red blooms seem to glow from within the heart of the flower.  War Chief is a tall iris, with blooms atop stems of 34 - 37". Reblooming bearded iris War Chief will be the star of any garden he grows in, even if you place him at the back of the border behind lower growing perennials.

 field of colorful reblooming bearded irises

Evergreen, drought tolerant, deer resistant, attractive to butterflies and blooming multiple times a year - reblooming bearded iris are so valuable in the garden, and so rewarding to grow.  We offer a selection of 38 colorful varieties for you this fall. We will soon begin accepting orders for these iris, and they will be available to ship in early August. Fall planting brings a glorious spring, and with these iris, a beautiful fall and often blooms in between!

Happy Gardening!


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