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    Dahlia Otto's Thrill

    Dahlia Otto's Thrill

    SKU: 12008-03Priced for 3 large dahlia tubers
    Price/pkg: $10.95 

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    Detailed Description

    Otto is not the only one thrilled with this dahlia; we're pretty impressed, too. Huge, 10-12" blossoms in a shade of pink that looks almost edible (think a tropical fruit dessert) are carried on sturdy 3.5 - 4 foot plants. It's hard to believe that a tuber, even the large ones we ship, can grow fast enough in a single season to produce flowers this big and this numerous, but the proof is in the garden. Deer resistant, gorgeous pink blooms with a smidgens of warming peach, are produced from late July through frost. Your neighbors will marvel at these dahlias, as will you.
    Common Name: Dinnerplate Dahlia Otto's Thrill
    Botanical Name: Dahlia Otto's Thrill
    Exposure: Full sun to light shade
    Hardiness: 8-10, elsewhere lift tubers in fall and store indoors
    Height: 40-46" tall
    Color: Warm pink blooms, 10-12 inches across
    Bloom Season: Summer to mid to late fall
    Bulb/Plant Size: #1 lg. tubers; industry's largest size
    Number: 3 large tubers

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