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Canna Elite™ Star View

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Canna Elite™ Star View

Canna Elite™ Star View

SKU: 11614-03Priced for a pkg of 3 large rhizomes
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Detailed Description

Look closely, no, closer. See, aren't all those little speckles and dots fun up close? Like a zillion stars in the sky these flowers are fascinating to watch, as they unfurl and display patterns unique to each bloom. Pale yellow with pink spots, Star View is a green leaved cultivar that settles in well, grows quickly and is self cleaning. Topping out at about 3 feet, this canna partners well with yellow coreopsis and dahlia Secret Glow. Virus resistant.
Common Name: Canna Star View
Botanical Name: Canna Star View
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Zones 10-11, may be hardy to zone 9 with protective mulch, cultivar is too new to have sufficient information
Height: 2-3 feet
Color: Light yellow blooms with generous pink speckles, green foliage
Bloom Season: July-Sept, close to year round in southern Ca., TX and FL
Bulb/Plant Size: 2-3 eye tubers
Number: 3 large tubers

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