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Colocasia Black Magic

Colocasia Black Magic

Colocasia Black Magic

SKU: 10207-01Priced for a 5.5" extra deep potted plant
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Detailed Description

If your landscape offers a moist area with good light and includes space for a big plant (and we do mean big!), count yourself lucky. Black Magic is the majestic foliage plant that youve seen popping up in all the gardening magazines and its quite impressive. Originating in tropical Asia, Black Magic is related to the taro plant that has been a food staple for generations. Fast growing, this is a good choice for estate-size containers with bright annuals, gracing the edge of a pond or towering in a warm greenhouse. Note: Colocasia is a plant that is poisonous if ingested raw - please don't eat.
Common Name: Black Elephant Ears or Black Magic Taro
Botanical Name: Colocasia Black Magic
Exposure: Partial shade
Hardiness: Zones 8-10, elsewhere lift in fall and store bulb indoors
Height: 5 feet
Color: Foliage is dark, almost black and offers high contrast
Bloom Season: Inconspicuous blooms; grown for large, striking foliage
Bulb/Plant Size: 5.5" extra deep pot
Number: 1 potted plant

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