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    Alocasia Upright Elephant Ear

    Alocasia Upright Elephant Ear

    Alocasia Upright Elephant Ear

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    Detailed Description

    Most varieties of elephant ears have foliage that angle downward, so the leaf surface faces the viewer. Thick Upright Elephant Ears stretch skywards in a form that looks like it came straight out of a tropical jungle. These plants draw the eye vertically, expanding the landscapes dimensions dramatically. Giant Upright Elephant Ears are thick, leathery, huge and spectacular. If stopping foot traffic around your home or office building sounds like fun to you, plant a trio of these and then wait in the wings for pedestrians reactions.
    Common Name: Giant Upright Elephant Ears
    Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza
    Exposure: Partial shade
    Hardiness: Zones 8-10, elsewhere lift in fall and store indoors
    Height: 6-8 feet in warm areas (up to 10 in tropical climates)
    Color: Enormous green heart-shaped leaves that point upwards
    Bloom Season: Inconspicuous blooms; grown for large, striking foliage
    Number: 1 very large bulb

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