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      Agapanthus Peter Pan | Dwarf White Lily of the Nile

      Agapanthus Peter Pan | Dwarf White Lily of the Nile

      Agapanthus Peter Pan

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      Detailed Description

      Okay, to start with we'll confess that Peter Pan White is not really a pure white agapanthus although it often appears that way from a distance. Instead it's white at the base of the petals with whisper blue shading that feathers out to the tips. This dependable dwarf variety develops into short clumps with foliage about a foot tall and flower stalks that top out at 18 inches. We've seen Peter Pan White planted with tall, dark blue agapanthus as a backdrop and the effect is stunning. Equally stunning is the ease of care such a combination offers, with light water needs, the occasional removal of spent flower stalks and virtually no concern for disease. Peter Pan White is not quite as easy as silk flowers but darn close. Also, great for containers, alone or mixed with other summer beauties.
      Common Name: Lily of the Nile
      Botanical Name: Agapanthus Peter Pan White
      Exposure: Full sun to very light shade
      Hardiness: Zones 8-11, zone 7 with protective mulch; elsewhere lift in fall and store indoors
      Height: Foliage to 1 foot, flower stalks to 1.5 feet
      Color: Soft white and whisper blue florets
      Bloom Season: Summer
      Bulb/Plant Size: 5.5" extra deep pot
      Number: 1 potted plant

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