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    Shallots Dutch Yellow

    Shallots Dutch Yellow

    SKU: 32311-01Priced for a pkg. of 1/2 lb. of planting shallots
    Price/pkg: $6.95 

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    Detailed Description

    Delivering that complex, sweet flavor sought by gourmet cooks in Europe and the US, Dutch Yellow produces 1.5-2" bulbs with golden copper skins and a rounder shape. Consider how nice it would be to use shallots freely without having to take out a second mortgage to do so. This variety keeps better than other shallots and is a high yielder. Fall planting is best for zones 6-10, although gardeners in colder climates often succeed with a thick protective mulch of straw. Harvest in 90-110 days.

    All shallots we offer is certified as organically grown and harvested.
    Common Name: Garden shallots
    Botanical Name: Allium ascalonicum Dutch Yellow
    Exposure: Full sun
    Height: 16-24"
    Color: Golden copper skins and creamy yellow interiors
    Bloom Season: Grown for edible bulbs not blooms
    Bulb/Plant Size: 1/2 lb. bag
    Number: varies, 1/2 lb. weight

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