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    Striped Squill (Pushkinia)

    Striped Squill (Pushkinia)

    Striped Squill (Pushkinia)

    SKU: 35211-25Priced for a pkg. of 25 robust bulbs
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    Detailed Description

    For those times when the budget is tight and the checkbook squeaks every time you pick it up, think pushkinia. These happy little plants burst into a gently naturalizing sea of blue and white striped come spring, perfect for adorning the ankles of daffodils. Since the early 1800s widely adaptable pushkinia has been found in gardens across the country, asking for little more than full to half day sun or dappled light under deciduous shrubs or trees. Look carefully and you'll see the resemblance to it's cousin, chionodoxa. Plant close by to enjoy the charm of these economical sweeties.

    These are planted just like chionodaxa. Click Planting Guide link at right for instructions.

    Common Name: Striped squill, pushkinia
    Botanical Name: Pushkinia scilloids var. libanotica
    Exposure: Full to half day sun or dappled light under deciduous trees or shrubs
    Hardiness: Zones 3-9
    Height: 4-7"
    Color: Sparkling white with ice blue
    Bloom Season: Early spring
    Bulb/Plant Size: 4/5 cm
    Number: 25 robust bulbs

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