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Amaryllis Papillio Butterfly

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Amaryllis Papillio Butterfly

Amaryllis Papillio Butterfly

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Detailed Description

Exotic Amaryllis Papillio - The Butterfly Amaryllis - Burgundy and Soft Green Blooms Shaped like Butterflies. Papillio, French for "butterfly", produces flowers that actually appear capable of fluttering away. The most famous of the exotic amaryllis, Papillio makes an amazing houseplant, growing larger as the seasons pass with the addition of smaller side bulbs. Snowy petals with maroon brushings and stripes, tinged with lime green. Flowers are 6" across and numerous. Truly a winged wonder and the variety that requires the most patience as it's easy but not speedy.

*This variety can be a study in patience, sometimes not blooming for even six months after first forming foliage. Papillio is exquisite, and best suited for those who will cherish its unique beauty when it deigns to flower.* Enjoy!

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Common Name: Amaryllis Papillio/Butterfly
Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Papillio
Exposure: Full sun to light shade outdoors, bright light indoors
Hardiness: Zones 8b-10 outdoors, anywhere indoors
Height: 18-24"
Color: Soft green orchid-like blossoms with velvety burgundy
Bloom Season: Flowers in 10-14 weeks indoors and mid spring outdoors.
Bulb/Plant Size: 22/24 cm
Number: 1 bulb

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