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Garlic Brown Tempest

Garlic Brown Tempest

Garlic Brown Tempest

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Ships from Sept. 26 thru Dec. 31

Detailed Description

Brown Tempest produces garlic heads with purple markings and pretty, light brown cloves with a rosy blush. The flavor of this variety is fiery when eaten raw and mellow when cooked so you can have whichever you prefer with just one cultivar. A little goes a long way and this garlic stores well for a hardneck. Grows well throughout most of the country. Brown Tempest head produce 5-7 cloves. Cloves separate easily and may arrive broken apart, making it easier when it comes time to plant.

All garlic we offer is certified as organically grown and harvested.
Common Name: Brown TempestĀ garlic
Botanical Name: Allium ophioscorodan var. Brown Tempest
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 2-3 feet
Color: Cloves are light brown with purple and rose markings
Bloom Season: Grown for edible bulbs not blooms
Bulb/Plant Size: 1/2 lb. bag
Number: varies, 1/2 lb. weight

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