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    Amaryllis Desire - Orange Blooming Amaryllis Bulbs

    Amaryllis Desire - Orange Blooming Amaryllis Bulbs

    Amaryllis Desire

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    Detailed Description

    Amaryllis Bulb Desire - Orange Blooming Amaryllis Longing or desire takes many forms; this is one is breathtaking. Amaryllis Desire blooms in a warm, smoldering orange with raised ribs, large blossoms and strong stems. Heat treated for fast flowering, this cultivar can grace Thanksgiving tables if planted by early to mid October. Or grow it for later flowering in mid winter, about the time when sunset colors are especially appreciated. Or better yet, give a bulb or two to someone you love and let them get the message that way. However you approach it, Desire won't fail to delight. Expect multiple flower stems with four or more flowers on each.
    Common Name: Amaryllis Desire
    Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Desire
    Exposure: Full sun to light shade outdoors, bright light indoors
    Hardiness: Zones 8b-10 outdoors, anywhere indoors
    Height: 22-26"
    Color: Smoldering orange flowers
    Bloom Season: Flowers in 40-60 days indoors and mid spring outdoors.
    Bulb/Plant Size: 30/32 cm
    Number: 1 bulb

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