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    Dutch Iris Gypsy Beauty

    Dutch Iris Gypsy Beauty

    Dutch Iris Gypsy Beauty

    SKU: 31907-20Priced for a pkg. of 20 robust bulbs
    Price/pkg: $9.95 

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    Detailed Description

    Stop what you're doing. Take a moment to look closely. This iris will reward you handsomely. Delicate details, petals with intricate veining and a color palette that looks like it was created by a talented interior designer. This is an exotic combination that your grandmother would never recognize, no matter how sophisticated a gardener she was. New and exciting.
    Common Name: Dutch Iris Gypsy Beauty
    Botanical Name: Iridaceae hollandica Gypsy Beauty
    Exposure: Full sun to very light shade
    Hardiness: Zones 5-9 South/5-10 West
    Height: 18-22"
    Color: Violet-blue, silver blue and yellow, lightly scented
    Bloom Season: Late spring - early summer
    Bulb/Plant Size: 8/9 cm
    Number: 20 bulbs

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