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Triteleia Rudy

Triteleia Rudy

Triteleia Rudy

SKU: 36505-10Priced for a pkg. of 10 robust bulbs
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Detailed Description

An eyecatching new color for a reliable old favorite, Rudi adds a touch of sparkle to shady areas with its crisp white & purple stripping. This western U.S. native does very nicely under trees and thrives in clay soils. A welcome sight as spring merges to summer.
Common Name: Triteleia, Fool's Onion, Brodiaea, Pretty Face
Botanical Name: Triteleia laxa 'Rudy'
Exposure: Light sun to half shade
Hardiness: Zone 5-9
Height: 15-18"
Color: White with vivid purple striping
Bloom Season: Early summer
Bulb/Plant Size: 5+ cm
Number: 10 bulbs

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