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Crinum Sangria

Crinum Sangria

Crinum Sangria

SKU: 16017-01Priced for one plant in a 5.5" extra deep pot
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Detailed Description

With clusters of deep pink, trumpet shaped flowers held aloft on sturdy purple stems and framed by purple bronze foliage, Crinum Sangria is one of those warm region beauties that makes the rest of the country envious initially. Then the thought creeps in "Hmmm, wonder if I could grow this in a big pot and pull it into the garage to overwinter?" Yes, Chicago, you could, because crinums do just fine in crowded containers and Sangria is one of the most cold tolerant cultivars available. Like other crinums, the spring and fall blooms are deliciously fragrant.
Common Name: Pink crinum lily
Botanical Name: Crinum 'Sangria'
Exposure: Full sun, or partial sun in hottest parts of the country
Hardiness: Zones 7-10
Height: 24"-48"
Color: Deep rosy pink flower, purple to bronze foliage
Bloom Season: Late spring and again in fall
Bulb/Plant Size: 5.5" extra deep pot
Number: 1 potted plant

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