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Chasmanthe Orange (Adam's Rib)

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Chasmanthe Orange (Adam's Rib)

Chasmanthe Orange (Adam's Rib)

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Detailed Description

A superb naturalizer, chasmanthe is a close relative of the popular watsonia, with similar sword shaped foliage and sturdy flower stalks decorated with rows of tubular blooms. These tall plants have ribbed, deep green leaves about 3 feet long and are well suited to back of the flowerbed positions when they add substance and fullness. Chasmanthe grows readily from offsets, the small bulbs that spring from the sides of mother bulbs, eventually forming large colonies. The foliage sprouts anew with the rains of autumn and brightens the garden during the gray days of winter. A landscape addition that needs very little attention to thrive and is totally pest free. Flowers are attractive to hummingbirds.
Common Name: Orange African Cornflag
Botanical Name: Chasmanthe floribunda
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Hardiness: Zones 9-10
Height: 4-5 feet
Color: Orange-red tubular flowers
Bloom Season: Mid spring
Bulb/Plant Size: 22/24 cm
Number: 3 bulbs

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