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Canna Mini Chocolate

Canna Mini Chocolate

Canna Mini Chocolate

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Detailed Description

This newly developed canna's bright golden orange blooms contrast crisply with foliage that's a deep blend of dark green, purple and almost black, producing a pleasing visual pop. Topping out a 3 feet tall, this variety is well suited to container and bedding use. Multi-blossom flower clusters are well-shaped and attractive, a nice improvement on the floppy blooms some cannas produce. Use in urns on either side of your front door or in en masse along the side of the garage.
Common Name: Canna Mini Chocolate
Botanical Name: Canna Mini Chocolate
Exposure: Full sun to 3/4 day sun
Hardiness: Zones 10-11, may be hardy to 9 with protective mulch. Elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors
Height: 3 feet
Color: Bright golden orange flowers and dark purple foliage
Bloom Season: July-Sept. often with sporatic bloom in other months in southern Ca., TX and FL
Bulb/Plant Size: 2-3 eye tubers
Number: 3 large tubers

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