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Brazilian Plume Flower

Brazilian Plume Flower

Brazilian Plume Flower

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Detailed Description

Well planned gardens frequently include small shrubs as well as perennial and annual flowers. For gardens in zones 9-11 allow us to suggest pink flowering Jacobinia for brightening shady areas and adding a touch of the tropics. This small, upright, evergreen shrub matures at 3-6 feet tall depending on soil, light and the length of the growing season. Throughout the summer the South American native is covered with puffs of tubular pink flowers and framed by shiny oval leaves. Use for additional color in mixed beds or hedges. Jacobinia also works well as a floriferous annual when grown in large pots in cooler climates where they'll flower well in the shade. Root hardy to zone 8, this shrub can be trimmed to ground level after the first frosts and will resprout in the spring.
Common Name: Jacobinia, Brazilian plume, King's crown, plume flower
Botanical Name: Jacobinia 'Justicia Pink'
Exposure: Light to moderate shade
Hardiness: Zones 9-10 outside, will die to roots in zone 8 and resprout in spring, grow anywhere as a summer container plant
Height: 3-6 feet tall, spreads to 3-4 feet wide
Color: Puffy pink flowers; floriferous
Bloom Season: Summer
Bulb/Plant Size: 5.5" extra deep pot
Number: 1 potted plant

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