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Gloriosa Carsonii

Gloriosa Carsonii

Gloriosa Carsonii

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Detailed Description

In response to our customers asking, "Are there more varieties of these wild, fun vines?", we set out on a search. And discovered that Carsonii, a chocolate purple and lemon yellow variety is also grown by the farmer in India who grows our other gloriosa lilies. This type is rare, but not any more challenging to grow than the others, which are easy. Perennials in warm areas, these colorful vines enliven fences, trellises and lattice dividers. The foliage is glossy, bright green and oval with tips that often form tendrils.
Common Name: Glory Lily or Maraposa Lily
Botanical Name: Gloriosa Carsonii
Exposure: Full sun to light shade
Hardiness: 9-11, elsewhere lift in fall and store indoors or grow as houseplant
Height: 3-4 feet, vining
Color: Exotic chocolate purple and lemon flowers with swept-back petals
Bloom Season: Summer if spring planted; year round if grown outside in zones 9-11
Bulb/Plant Size: 10-15 cm tubers
Number: 5 large tubers

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