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Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Coral Bells have always been a popular garden perennial and for very good reason as they have many wonderful virtues. They thrive and bloom under trees (even Black Walnut because it is immune to the toxin tree the roots emit). Many varieties are known for their drought tolerance in addition to being very accepting of salts (either in the soil naturally or introduced by man).

In the warmer zones (9-10), the lovely foliage clumps are evergreen, in the coldest zones, where heaving can sometimes be an issue, we suggest adding a layer of compost around the plant base for the new spring growth to root in.

In recent years many new forms with ruffled and colored foliage have become available. Both old and new have lovely flowers for cutting and bringing indoors. Heucheras (the botanical name for Coral Bells) clumping form is well suited to pots, either individually or combined with bulbs and other perennials in larger pots. If you love to have butterflies in your garden, Coral Bells are one of the best plant to bring them in.

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